Birthday Perfetto :-)

8 07 2011

It works in Italian, “compleanno Perfetto”, meaning I had a very nice birthday dinner at Perfetto restaurant here in Hefei together with a few friends..

The people in the restaurant knew I was going there to celebrate my birthday and they prepared one of the private rooms in an extremely lovely way!

That was a surprise!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Since it was a Western birthday, I sort of forced my guests also to eat some cake at the end of the dinner, not during the dinner, when Chinese randomly mix sweet and salty food servings.. according only to the order they were reserved.. But since it was my night, I obliged to get a cake with the Italian coffee.. in the proper moment of the meal!!

Birthday @ Perfetto my name in Chinese: 安德烈, Ān dé liè
Birthday @ Perfetto Birthday @ Perfetto



2 responses

8 07 2011

Auguri in ritardo, non so se il fuso orario vale come scusa…


9 07 2011

Hope you’re doing great so far East! I hope you had a great birthday 🙂
Enjoy your summer!


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