Lost 1 day!

15 07 2011

Today it’s Friday.. I am sure now, because my colleague said he looks forward to a free full weekend finally (he has to work usually every Saturday as well), and because I checked the calendar on the mobile yesterday night..

I was so sure it was Wednesday night yesterday..

How come?

OK, my head is a bit off, the cold is still there, together with soar throat and cough.. even of the headaches have been much better after a terrible Monday.. oh yeah, Monday, that must have been the day I lost somewhere.. 🙂

The dizzy feelings from the cold, together with almost every evening spent doing some part-time (!) translations, contributed to mess up my time awareness.. I must be careful for the space one, especially when I will practice in the next days!!

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Wuhan, second time meeting the people from that dojo, first time in their “home”. I do look forward to it, even if I am a little worried about my body response.

For now I leave you 2 nice views from the other side of Qiantang River,  钱塘江, in Hangzhou, where I had the chance to go last Sunday night. First time to visit this side of Hangzhou…

Hangzhou by night

Hangzhou by night



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