Practice in Hangzhou

16 07 2011

Another nice weekend in Hangzhou (16-17 July), combining tons of practice (about 7.5 hours spread on 2 days), liters and liters of sweat (oh god, it was torrid weather!! and the mats were so hot!!), very good time and great food as usual with the people there!

On Saturday we started practice at 4pm, with a double session: first session with my good friend Ulrich, 1.dan from Xijiao Shanghai Aikido dojo, and then I took the last part of the day, with a shorter closing session. I did continue what I had started my last time there: yokomenuchi ikkyo omote, emphasizing how to use uke‘s intentions for a more fluid technique, as long as tori moves properly the body. For increase a little the challenge, I introduced yokomenuchi sankyo omote, working especially on the sankyo hand grip, being also of course alert to uke‘s intention in standing up during the critical phase of getting the proper grip. Read the rest of this entry »