Aikido links updates!

20 07 2011

Discovering the blogroll and link widget in the sidebar, convinced me to post also some links to Aikido places I have visited and practiced and I also miss quite a lot!

Have a look at the freshly updated sidebar links!

This is not an extensive list of clubs in Norway, Europe or China!!

Quite the opposite, as a blog, I post the links to clubs where I have a connection, where I spent long time, where I met special friends or just had a great time.. The order is strictly alphabetical! 😉

For more general pages you can have a look at the following links:


I do not think the lists are finished or that I won’t add more links soon, for example about Japan, but there I have actually been only at Hombu dojo and at a seminar in Kyoto, besides the wonderful experience at Tanabe 2008.. and I do not really want to add links to the dojos for different senseis just because I like them, but I have never been there.. there is google for finding those links!