I dag er vi alle nordmenn!

25 07 2011

Today we are all Norwegians..

Yesterday, tomorrow.. still so close and I wonder how long time  the survivors will need to take a step from that terrible Friday 22nd July 2011.

After the facts of the weekend my disappointment for humanity just increases. Also I am checking several internet news in different languages, Norwegian, Italian, English: nowadays all internet sites report also a list of the most read articles.. and side by side with Norwegian tragedy you see that the most click article is about a self destructive sort of musician that I have never heard except in stories related to drugs that killed herself by abuse..

Readers are more interested in these b*tch loser that willingly ran to her fate instead of a world scale tragedy as what happened in Norway.. or, for what can count for Western people, also here in China the weekend has been darkened by a more nature related tragic accident. It seems one of the train had been struck by a lightning and stop dead on the tracks.. and a second train crashed into it. Both were high speed trains.. 35 killed and several injures.

Hope she will be forgotten as fast she threw away her meaningless life.. and he kids asking in tears to be spared by the monster that was aiming at them through his rifle.. they had a life million times more worth than losers like that woman.. disgusted by her all the idiot readers.. disgusted by this humanity!

But now the silence for respect to the victims..

The thoughts go back to the Aikido seminar in Kyoto in June: I forgot to write it there, but at the beginning of the first practice of the seminar the local Japanese teacher asked all of us to collect our prayers for the tsunami and earthquake victims with 1 minute of silence, all standing on the mats.. it was very touching..

May the silence be stronger than the shots..

Et angrep på oss alle

– Det var et angrep på oss alle. I denne sorgens stund skal vi stå sammen med det norske folk. Jeg oppfordrer derfor alle (dansker) til å være med og uttrykke vår solidaritet ved å holde ett minutts stillhet
(Danish Prime Minister – extended to me and not Danish people..)

"If one man can show this much hate, think how much love we can show together" - Stine Renate Håheim (survivor from Utøya)



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