39 people died..

28 07 2011

..in the train crash in China, and it seems now that besides the random cause of a lightning stalling a train on a viaduct, also an electrical error of a system “failed to turn the green light into red” caused the disaster.

People over here want to know the truth that so often in China is kept secret except for few high located people. I read that relatives of victims refuse to receive the compensation before having the accident explained for real. A few friends told me that they do not expect to know the real reasons of the accidents, because the official explanations are never close to the truth..

I read today that a young Italian tourist, a girl from Naples, and 2 Americans are among the victims. I hope the sad presence of foreigners will finally be a motivations for finding the real causes of the disaster. A few people were fired at once, as soon as the gravity of the accident was clear. But it seems the government pushed again for the journalist to not investigate or question the official line.

Saying that the days of the Norwegian massacre and the train accident were bad is an understatement. Around the same date, here in Hefei, a highway bridge under construction collapsed!! According to the authorities 1 person died, but the Chinese friend that told me this told me also that probably more people dies or was injured..



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