Thoughts from Italy to Norway

28 07 2011

sammy and paoloAn old and extremely good friend of mine, who also had an exchange student experience in Trondheim, Norway (where I met a lot of really good people and started my Norwegian life) wrote a very nice article after these dramatic days for the place we both learned to love (this time it’s in Italian):

Jens Stoltenberg è il mio Presidente del Consiglio

It is related to the idiocy that right-wing-idiots around Europe managed to say, starting from an Italian one and followed by French, Danish, Swedish.. and how the Norwegians reacted to this..

..with words full of love, freedom..

Not a surprise so many people fell in love for Norway and for Norwegians, for their way of living and thinking, that will not change even now.. even after all this pain..

..and now at lunch break, at work, I am reading that thousand of Norwegians expressed support on the net to the family of the monster..

This is being Norwegian!



2 responses

28 07 2011
Marco Leida

I still wonder why you left…



28 07 2011

I never left forever..
I am trying something I always wondered about, but I still have my place there!
And I am pretty sure I’ll be back eventually!! 🙂


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