29 07 2011

Since I have arrived in China I have been watching again lots of sport!

I don’t have any TV at home and I usually do not use sopcast or similar because my internet connection is not that fast, but either in hotels when I travel for practice Aikido or in several bars when I go out in the evening, there is often chance to watch some sport!

And I enjoy almost any sport on TV, even more if there is the Italian national team playing.. even more if like yesterday evening, I could watch again the water polo team win the semi final against Croatia! I always loved watching water polo, such an amazing sport! And even more when Settebello was the top of the tops!

So now I am wondering where I could go tomorrow afternoon to watch the final match.. because, as my father said, for once I have no problem with the time zone, not like watching South Africa football world cup!!

Faxi Temple, 法喜寺

29 07 2011

Sunday 07/24, during my weekend in Hangzhou, a weekend full of grief for Norway and sadness for China, my dear friends 王天 and 王丹 took me to visit a temple close to west lake. It was an Aikido weekend, but since in summer Hangzhou gets very warm, we plan quite late sessions.

Faxi Temple, 法喜寺 Faxi Temple, 法喜寺

There was then time during the day to do something different, and I enjoyed quite a lot, since 王天 and 王丹 know extremely well the area around Hangzhou.. and every time they also introduce me to some local food.. Read the rest of this entry »