Faxi Temple, 法喜寺

29 07 2011

Sunday 07/24, during my weekend in Hangzhou, a weekend full of grief for Norway and sadness for China, my dear friends 王天 and 王丹 took me to visit a temple close to west lake. It was an Aikido weekend, but since in summer Hangzhou gets very warm, we plan quite late sessions.

Faxi Temple, 法喜寺 Faxi Temple, 法喜寺

There was then time during the day to do something different, and I enjoyed quite a lot, since 王天 and 王丹 know extremely well the area around Hangzhou.. and every time they also introduce me to some local food..

special Hangzhou noodles So this time first we had lunch together in a very old and traditional noodle shop in Hangzhou, 慧娟 (Huì juān), where they make some special noodle soup. My dish had this extremely tasteful noodles, a great soup, egg, vegetables, shrimps and I think something called Shan yu, 鳝鱼, that is a fresh water eel, that I love as the normal eel!I also got, from another shop (common in China, eating in a restaurant but taking food or drinks from other places), the Chinese version of kebab or hamburger, depending on the shape. It is called 肉夹馍, “ròu jīa mó”, and there are several different versions according to the region they belong to.
Rou jia mo

After this very filling lunch we went to the temple. Parking the car on the main road, we took a path along the road that led to the temple area. Faxi temple, 法喜寺 (Fǎ xǐ sì), is located not far from the more famous Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺, Língyǐn Sì), that I visited my first time in Hangzhou, in 2009.. and, pity me, I haven’t posted the pictures yet!! Faxi is on the other hand smaller and less famous, so much less people there, a more relaxing visit.. that I was extremely glad to experience!

Faxi Temple, 法喜寺The weather was quite hot, but the walk to reach the temple had been enjoyable. The temple is in the heart of the Longjing tea (龙井茶, lóngjǐng chá) area, so everywhere you can see the typical tea bushes. Close to the temple area there are also some tea bushes set there only for display. Close to the temple path there is one famous (I have been told) hotel Aman Fa Yun, of the Aman group. The green area is indeed very relaxing, with temples, tea bushes, mountains and the West Lake lake not too far.

Just before Faxi temple, there was another temple with a multi-arm female god statue. My friends also explained me that the proper way to enter the temple is with the left foot first then right. And right first when going out.

Faxi Temple, 法喜寺 Faxi Temple, 法喜寺
Faxi Temple, 法喜寺 Faxi Temple, 法喜寺



3 responses

29 07 2011

As for the food…. behing in the habit od Japaneese food, nowadays, I think I wouldn’t enjoy that very much…. il looks to spicy and stir fried, to me….. but maybe it is because I didn’t taste it 🙂 😛

The temple looks so colorful and nice I’d really would rather take a nice walk there! It should be relaxing…….
Your pictures are always fantastic!

Have a nice week-end


29 07 2011

sorry about the misprint: I wanted to write “being in the habit” and not “behing….” as I wrote. 😛


29 07 2011

my mind read it correctly!!!

Anyway, actually I do not eat spicy usually!! I can eat, but then I sweat a lot and cry sometimes 😉

And most of my friends know it, so they do not take too spicy food for me!!

Also it was not deep fried food!
It’s true that sometimes the Chinese cooking is a bit heavy on the oil (as the Italian cooking!) but actually it is a long time I don’t eat deep friend food! The noodles were an amazing soup.

Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂


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