Happy Qixi Festival!

6 08 2011

Today it is QiXi festival, 七夕节 (Qīxì jié, literally “The Night of Sevens”), a special day based on a trouble love story, a sort of Chinese S. Valentine’s day, even if the Chinese have other romantic celebrations!

More than just romantic, the story is also about the origin of the Milky way (银河系, Yínhéxì, literally “silver river” in Chinese)!

There is also a Japanese equivalent, called Tanabata, 七夕, meaning “Evening of the seventh”.

There are so many old stories, fairy tales that translated to special days during the year.. and I have been lucky that 潘蕾 told me before this story, as several others.

Chinese people have actually a very strong link to their traditions, not only for the celebrations, but also in knowing why donig that and what stories are related to that.. things for example I do not know much!

Most of these stories are quite sad though..

..but today I can’t be sad, I’m in Beijing doing Aikido.. 🙂

And the QiXi day is when the two lovers can meet again.. once per year..



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