10 08 2011

These past days I am making some translations  from English to Italian of medical materials and facing lots of new words I never even heard before, but Google (not the translate pages usually, but more the scientific searches) is very helpful!

Today, and it was quite funny, I found this word:


..and I wonder at first if it is somewhat related to all the people that enjoy to practice Aikido with Endo sensei, so that after some time they undergo a Endo-metamorphosis process, dreaming to turn into the master..

After lots more searches, I found out the real meaning:

Growth of a thin layer of flat epithelial cells that lines the heart, serous cavities, lymph vessels, and blood vessels.

Easier, once the doctor puts a stent inside your human body, in some vessel for example, some destruction happens because of the presence of the alien body, and some time is needed so that the body will heal itself and reconstruct the missing cells.

So from my understanding, this is a process that occurs after something is removed.. so actually it still works for me: since I moved to China the active practice with Endo sensei has been removed from me, and my Aikido body/mind are undergoing some new changes to adapt to this new situation (no, the watermelon knee is only a little unfortunate accident on the main road of changes 😉 ).



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10 08 2011



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