Chinese hospital

11 08 2011

Today I will go for the first time to a Chinese real hospital (not traditional medicine), and actually it is a very long time since I went to any hospital at all (last time it was in Norway for an Aikido wrist injure after the trip to Japan.. and it had been useless!).

This time it is better to check what it is really happening in my right knee, how to cure it and avoid future troubles, or limit them, if the problem is what I think it is (or what it appears to be).

Also I want to check the other knee: these days I am putting all the weight there and I always had problems in both knees.

Last but not least bit, it is my left big toe: I had pain there since Horii sensei seminar in Hangzhou in May 2010! This is the most strange at all. A pain coming and going, mostly appearing during small foot movements but always there when performing Aikido knee walking shikko. But not painful during jogging! Lately it had almost disappeared, magically, because of weather or because using some other special Chinese medicine.. who knows.. But after the knee got bad last weekend, the toe problem came back, probably related to the fact I use more the left side of my lower body to relieve the right knee.

Let’s see what response I will get from local doctors..



2 responses

11 08 2011
Vittorio Magliola

In bocca al lupo!


15 08 2011

hope you feel better soon! 🙂


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