Laowai friendly hospital

11 08 2011


Back after my first visit to Anhui Provincial People’s Hospital, 安徽省立医院 (Ānhuī shěng lì yīyuàn), and even if I did not meet anyone really able to speak English (but I had my personal “translator” with me, 潘蕾), I have experienced how this hospital is “laowai friendly”! 🙂

The hospital is divided in several different buildings, according to what it is your problem or just for different kind of examinations. First one has to understand where to go. When we entered the reception/information area, the person there said asked briefly my problem and then said there were 2 choices: free normal treatment, waiting until the afternoon at least for meeting one doctor or.. funny, the laowai friendly” treatment, at 100 rmb price (about 10 euro), that lets you to skip most of lines and especially meet the doctor soon.

Both 潘蕾 and me agreed that 100 rmb was a good investment for avoiding spending too much useless time in a hospital (we both hate hospitals!). So after paying the little fee, we were told to follow one of the girls working there (not sure she was a nurse, she was more dressed as typical official stewardess of any Chinese place where there is an interaction with customers, not KTV style!).

She led us to the waiting area, where several patients, families, children, old people were waiting, but then she opened a door for a little room with 6 comfortable chairs, air condition, completely empty, and told us to wait there for the doctor to come!!

Anhui hospital

Laowai friendly waiting room

潘蕾 with me @ Anhui hospital

my "translator"

The doctor was actually the head of the bones department, quite old and apparently very experienced, nice ways, professional, and of course no English 🙂 He anyway confirmed some of my thoughts, prescribed me some painkillers that I really hope they will work, because this morning it was a little hell, and also signed me up for giving some blood and get Saturday a more detailed answer/treatment.

Getting then downstairs for purchasing the medicine and paying the blood exam (I was happy the doctor was at the second floor because stairs also kill my knee, but I did not see any elevator and quite a lot of old people crawling up-/downstairs with me!).

So we were off to the blood department (in total, waiting and consult took 30 minutes at most) and that was quite funny as well. I did not manage to take a picture, but you can imagine a bank with a long glass wall with openings to the “cashiers”. In front of the openings a little stool, one patient sitting, and a long queue behind. Stick the arm inside, the very efficient nurse does the procedure and go. Next!

From the amount of people sitting also in the waiting chairs in the room I think there might have been a queuing system as well, number based probably.. but Chinese in general are not so good with queues!!

Anyway, the “laowai friendly” treatment included also cutting the queue here (no, I was not that embarrassed, only a little! I anyway gave them the chance to see a living laowai as many pointed out). Also the blood procedure took less than 10 minutes, and then we were off, after a last little chat with the girl that took us around.

The most difficult part of all the hospital adventure was getting a taxi for coming back to work!! And now I hope to get some money back from my work insurance that should actually cover partly of hospital expenses, probably not thought the “cutting-the-queue-laowai-friendly” treatment 😉

Let’s see Saturday then what will be the response, and no hints until then!



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11 08 2011

Take care of your knee!


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