Chinese painkillers

12 08 2011

After my first visit to the hospital yesterday, the doctor prescribed 2 different painkillers, quite interesting:

Chinese painkiller Cobratide, Tramadol hydrochloride, Ibuprofen tablets.
Chinese painkiller 新癀片, Xīn huáng piàn (tablets).

In the first medicine, besides Tramadol and Ibuprofen, quite well known pain killers,  there is a substance called Cobratide. Yes, I know what you are thinking and it is right:

Cobratide: The active ingredient of Cobratide is a neurotoxin protein isolated and purified from Chinese Cobra (Naja atra) venom.

It might be the best fight fire with fire solution!

About 新癀片, I was actually surprised to see so many Western pages related to this herbal mix, and so many good comments on the effects on arthritis. Especially on the positive effects to get rid of arthritis and joint pain.

I have to take 3 times per day, about 2 hours after the meals, 1 of cobra-thing and 3 of the herbal tablets. A good load for my stomach as well.

The effect this first times of treatment was ok and quite fast, not lasting that long though. Somewhat stronger than aspirin alone, that I took the first days of the week. But since yesterday the pain the knee area has changed a little: maybe lower sensitivity at touch, but it comes in flashes, especially in idle times, when I sit on the bed leaving the leg extended.

Tomorrow I’ll meet the doctor for some more answers, and questions.. even if I have only one big questions in my mind: when will I be able to practice again? Will I?

Never liked hospitals.. rarely one get good news there, except when you go home with a baby in your arms.. I just hope to not come back home tomorrow with a knee in my backpack and a wheel chair under my @$$……..



2 responses

12 08 2011

Get well soon! 😉


12 08 2011

The first looks like OKI painkiller tablets….
Be careful, considering the ingredients are quite unusual.
Get well soon.


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