Teppan yaki experience in Hefei!

14 08 2011
Teppanyaki in Hefei Teppanyaki in Hefei

Saturday I went with 潘蕾 to eat for the first time to a teppan yaki place at Wanda Square in Hefei.

After wonderful teppan experiences in Stavanger and Shanghai, I was looking forward to try in Hefei.. and it proved a good experience as well!

The mood was not so great, after the news from the hospital, but this choice was a good one: 138 yuan for a complete menu available to you, and free drinks included.

The food is quite good: the choice just a little less than Shanghai teppan buffet (no sushi or sashimi dishes and also less dessert choice) but no complains, especially since I don’t remember oysters and scallops in Shanghai!! And I do love them done in this way!

About the drinks, in Shanghai you can have Japanese beer, while in Hefei only Chinese one (stay away from the wine!!), but I was anyway more focused on the food. A pity no juice available, but coke and sprite as much as you want!

All in all, a good food experience that for some hours took my mind off the problems at hand..

Teppanyaki in Hefei Teppanyaki in Hefei



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