Dominique Rascle, 5th dan, in Beijing

15 08 2011

Saturday and Sunday 6th-7th August I traveled to Beijing in order to practice with  Dominique Rascle, 5th dan, from Lyon in tour in China for Aikido and visiting friends. The seminar was organized by the club 合气道守道塾 Aikido Shudojuku in Beijing.

First time I met Dominique and I was told that he is a student of Tissier sensei, but he is also hosting Endo sensei seminar in Lyon! One could see at once from his Aikido the presence of elements of different teachers, that he more or less fused together in a nice and effective Aikido!

The weekend of practice has spaced from basic techniques like shomenuchi ikkyo (both standing and sitting) to much more advanced ones like jodan tsuki kokyonage and yokomenuchi kokyonage, both with very direct entrance, and several throw variations from different attacks (especially happy we practiced also some version of direct approach of yokomenuchi typical  of Tissier sensei).

Dominique sensei worked on ryote dori and morote dori attacks: I love the latter, and kind of dislike the former, so I was actually happy to work on ryote dori under sensei guidance. For both attacks, sensei showed a short, direct, and effective throw based on taking uke center and destabilize your partner at the first contact, by turning the hand palm upwards and sort of turning and locking uke‘s arm pinned into uke‘s body. As usual when put in writing it looks messy and confusing. Actually, I have seen several times this kind of throws especially from Tissier sensei and Yasuno sensei, but until I tried I never fully understood or enjoyed the movement! It was indeed cool! Both as tori and uke!! 🙂

I admit I waited too long to write the post here, and also I have not been a good student during the weekend in Beijing, forgetting to write notes after practice. In my defense, the knee joint got bad exactly during the Aikido weekend, and I pushed myself to practice (maybe it was not a good choice). After that my mind has been taken by hospital visits and then diagnosis.

Last week sensei visited my dear friends in Wuhan Aikido dojo, with 2 days Aikido and 2 days of enjoying their wondrful hospitality and enjoying some tourist life! Later this month, just before leaving China, Dominique sensei will also teach in my other friend dojo in Shanghai, Ulrich’s Shanghai Xijiao West Aikido dojo. Please check the link for the proper schedule and take contact with Ulrich if interested!



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