Summer holidays? What’s that?

17 08 2011

Many friends and ex colleagues, during these summer days, asked me what I will do during summer holidays. Italy, Norway, Europe in August change completely their faces. Cities empty of locals are usually visited by tourist (if anything worth seeing there) or they will just stay empty, except for who cannot afford traveling for holidays..

Friends tell me of their plans and ask about mine.. Easy: work work work…

As a colleague makes me notice (even if I did not needed that anymore!), China is the country with the least public holidays in the world. The article counts 21 days of holidays per year, as officially paid holidays given by the country, including the official 10 days of paid leave that workers are entitled to. But then when the Chinese micro-bloggers start counting the days, the total amount is somewhat lower!!

Also 10 days of paid leave, by law?, makes several Chinese skeptical, and not only in little Hefei! It happens also that even if employee gets this number of holidays, then they will not take them but work anyway most of the year, including often weekends and overtime, that most often is considered as normal time over here (no extra paid or “avspassering” that I loved so much in Norway, ie. using overtime hours as free time).

Ahh.. Norwegian times where so happy times, when I had about 25 days of paid leave not counting the public holidays!! And the possibility to bring over the year around 10 more days of unused holidays..

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – By contract, I am entitled to 5 days of paid leave per year (solar year or work year, actually, I am not sure, and neither was my boss!!). I do not complain (or not anymore) since I know that some colleagues have 1 day per year!! A small Chinese company, still fighting in order to make itself a name in a vast market as semiconductor lithography industry, have to put higher requirements to its workers. Understandable. I admit that the company did not make problem when I asked for longer leaves, including, of course, unpaid days.. That is the important thing at the end, since usually when I leave I do travel for such long distances that 2 full days go spent on airplanes/trains, etc.



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