Sunday at work

21 08 2011

When Carlo commented on my yesterday picture saying I looked sad, when I was wishing you all good weekend, he caught the bull’s eye! In fact I spent a little more than half Sunday at work.. at least the lunch box today was actually better than during weekdays! (OK, I almost always like it!)

sunday at work

When I finished work I decided to walk home: it is not that close (about 40-50 minutes at ok pace) but the doctor said that for my rheumatoid arthritis it is better to start working on the muscle and condition again, now that finally the swelling has gone down (even if the pain hasn’t gone completely yet..).

Today the weather was cloudy, fresh, more an autumn day than a summer one.. so I thought the walk was a good idea, with also a small deviation in the park of  Nan Yan lake, 南艳湖. I was lucky the rain started only much later!

Once home I admit I felt the length of the walk on my legs.. still not 100% recovered. The doctor at the hospital said it might take a couple of weeks before all pain goes away and all mobility is back, therefore I might cancel the last August weekend plan, Shanghai practice.. Maybe better taking baby steps!