Cure with chili pepper!!

24 08 2011

A new medicine was prescribed for my health problems: after the painkillers I got.. some chili pepper based ointment called Capsaicin!

chili pepper cure!

chili pepper cure!

The first time I put it on my knee and foot, after maybe 1 hour, I felt like crying, like ripping clothes and sock from me to avoid the skin to burn..

I did not read the wiki link before using it, put the doctor had said it was supposed to warm up my injured areas, so thinking it was something similar to tiger balm,  I was careful to wash my hands after applying it, and not touching eyes or.. other sensible parts 😉 (ie. if taking a leak, wash hands before and after!!)

After the first time it has been better, but I am a little worried it actually means I am losing sensibility where the ointment is applied, not that the cure actually works!

Time will say… but it’s getting so difficult waiting!