Chinese autumn!

25 08 2011

Yesterday the sun step out from the clouds and the sky took again some blue color, ok, more white-blue, pushing the black clouds a bit more on the side.

Here the summer, that never really started this year, has already left space to autumn. Last year I got to the end of July without using at home AC, but I remember some colossal sweating nights when the fan was far from enough to give relief. And at the beginning of August it became impossible to avoid using AC at home as well.

This year, since a couple of days ago, I stopped using the electric fan in the nights and started again using a blanket for sleeping!! OK, it’s not Norwegian winter temperatures, but during the night it goes down to 20 degrees C or less, and during the day not higher than 26-27 degrees C. Very different from 40 degrees C in several Italian cities or the stable 35++ C in most of Chinese ones usually during this period!

This year, a bit all over China, from north to south, east to west, rain, clouds and under the average temperatures are characterizing this period.

So the past days we had several thunder storms (always an enjoyable show) and heavy rains, the kind that sudden explode from the sky with drops as big as a fist.. and even running 50 meters to get inside, one ends up soaking wet!!

typical stormy night

wonderful lightning

caught in the storm

caught in the storm

But yesterday the sun found its way again through the clouds.. even if today it went back to hide behind them..

and the sun was back..

the sun looks at your from window

and the sun was back..

reflex in the windows



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