Watching Udinese – Arsenal..

25 08 2011

..thanks to Sopcast and CCTV5 🙂

Go Udinese!!!!

Forget all the “big names”.. there are still teams with a heart!

But is the heart enough against Arsenal history?

Hope so (18 minutes first half, still 0-0, Arsenal qualified)

32′: di Natale, what a player!! And the goalkeeper made a double block that saved the results (Arsenal did not deserved and the referee is a moron!!! English lover moron!)

34′: di Natale asked for change.. bad sign for Udinese.. the best forward with such a wonderful heart..

38’… GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!! ANTONIO DI NATALE!!!!! of course!!! Aggregate 1-1 and this Arsenal is so tiny, so weak, playing for keeping the ball.. Go Udinese!!

End first half.. 45′ (at least) to go for 1 goal (for the good ones I mean.. Udine! Udine! Udine! I know, I know, I see black and white and I dream about a future for my team.. that fell so down..)

50′: the referee has decided (or made it more clear from a bad g]first half).. the moron really likes London.. but Arsenal until now did not took the advantage of such a bad biased referee!

54′: f**k.. Arsenal scored.. very nice movements of attackers and of course Van Persie scored a not so easy goal (several legs, even if he was close and a bit too alone).. Arsenal is more focused this second half..

57′: penalty for Udinese.. all quite surprised.. referee confused?

58′: Di Natale mistake….. or better, great block from Arsenal keeper!!’s probably over for Udinese.. a pity.. but they tried.. the penalty was actually not bad shoot.. but Arsenal keeper made a great block!

68′: Arsenal 2.. deserved now.. good night everybody.. it’s 4:10am and tomorrow.. today.. a working day.. no chances anymore..

Thanks for trying and congrats to Arsenal!!!



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