Healthy lunch

29 08 2011

Time to start losing some weight, to relive my poor knees and joints from the stress of carrying me around..
healthy lunch

Skipped the common lunch box at work, and this week I will focus more on fruit/vegetables.. hoping in better regularity also for my stomach, for improving the weight elimination process 😛

Too long time without practice, and now it’s September and I got plans, serious one, to put my @$$ back on the mats. I need Aikido and at the end of October the will also be Endo sensei in Shanghai..

Also I want to meet my friends in Hangzhou, Wuhan and ShangHai (2 dojos!) especially: I know, I know, I would have a great time with them even without practice, but I would suffer too much just sitting and watching their sessions..

Some healthier, lighter and easier to digest food, less sugar and some home practice, maybe sauna.. I have to get back some condition before 2 important months..




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29 08 2011

Ciao Andrea, are you any better?
I am a bit worried about the food you are eating…. It is not correct to cut completely carbohidrates and proteins….
You are a great sport lover so you need proteins.

I recently lost 10kgs undergoing a 1200Kcal diet. I had to drink a lot (things that unfortunately I was not in the habit to do…. but which helped me so much) 2 litres of water in a day.
I ate like this:
BREAKFAST: a cup of tea + 3 rusks (fette biscottate)
10 o’clock break: a fruit juice OR a fruit (100gr) OR 3 rusks
LUNCH: 100 gr of low fat meat or fish (or 60gr of ham or raw ham) + 200gr of baked, grilled, or raw vegetables OR 200gr of fruit (bananas only 100gr) OR a cirashi
AFTERNOON BREAK: a fruit juice OR a fruit (100gr) OR 3 rice rusks
DINNER: a light vegetable soup +30gr very small pasta OR 100 gr of low fat meat or fish (or 60gr of ham or raw ham) + 200gr of baked, grilled, or raw vegetables OR 50gr of cheese + 200gr of baked, grilled, or raw vegetables

If possible compliment all this with 30 minutes of fast walk (I couldn’t because of my sprained ankle) per day.

Keep me informed about the results.


30 08 2011

The problem is that right now I am not really doing ANY sport!
Therefore a drastic cut of.. anything, anything at all.. it’s the best and my body can take it, since the calories that I manage to burn, even doing the fast walk and all, are still much less than what I used to push inside!

Anyway, no worries, a decent balanced meal per day I still get it!



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