Chinese bath & sauna

31 08 2011

[I wrote most of this post yesterday night but then after an auto-save (!) the post was blank! All lost.. restarted now..]

Jinjingyuan Leisure ClubYesterday night I went to take a bath and sauna in the place not too far from home, close to 明珠广场, called Jinjingyuan Leisure Club (金经源, Jīnjīngyuán). The location is perfect: the company bus end stop is basically the same place! It is well served with buses to my home, until about 9-10pm and after that the taxi rides is basically the base charge, 8RMB.

For the base price of 49RMB one gets showers, hot water bath, cold water smaller one, sauna, a Japanese style washing area (in the male “water” area.. the female one is a bit more essential, with showers and sauna only); in the common area there is a not bad buffet (4 servings of 1 hour, in the morning and night, and 2 hours for lunch and dinner) with even entertainment during dinner (3 girls dancing, some singers changing from time to time, some other comedians or different shows); for relaxing 2 areas: one with sort of beds, with pillow and blanket, a very quiet zone where I also spent the night once, and one with comfortable 1 seat reclining couch with a TV with headphones for each couch (all Chinese channels, of course, but CCTV5 for sport is always good!).

All of this at 49RMB (validity of 15 hours at the same price), but this month is actually discounted to 39RMB and no extra fees if you spend the night there (usually is 15RMB more for the night on a bed couch and breakfast buffet).

Not bad uhm?

The prices and offer of massages are also not bad: 潘蕾and I took a full body massage, and then the total price, with all the same stuff included, is based only on the massage price. For more basic massage, like foot massage, the cost adds to the bath, but it is still affordable (to be tried when my ankle feels better!).

The main reason I go there now is anyway the sauna. I was really missing that from Norway and the one in this bath is actually not bad. Not as good as Trondheim saunas, but acceptable! 😉 The sauna is anyway quite big, nice wood walls and good oven with the proper stones and a water faucet that I use often for adding water.. hot damp..

Unfortunately yesterday night I had company in the sauna (when usually I am completely alone): 2 typical Chinese business man decide to join the laowai.

[Note for the not residents: places like this bath are common alternatives to hotels for business men traveling often. For a good price you get a place to sleep, to clean yourself, to get a massage if you want, and is some other places, more dodgy than this one, to get girls as well.. This bath is used by several families with children, but I am not surprised if some of the rooms at the third floor, usually used for more private massage, sometimes become even more.. private ones! 😉 This is China!]

Anyway, of the 2 men, the skinny one managed to stay inside for about 20 seconds, then ran out to fresh air.. the fat one complimented me for the hair on my chest (! body language.. easy to understand! unless he liked my boobs!) and then.. peed on one wall, luckily not on the oven or the seats..

Not necessary to say that my sauna time was over!

Another good example of what foreigners (only???) consider “slightly” impolite, and at the same time how Chinese people often do not really give a ***k about others around them.. as when they drive!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY One of the Chinese worker has been impressed by me combing my hairs and after I was done, cleaning the comb from my fallen hairs using a piece of paper and throwing then all away in the garbage. So impressed he called over another colleague and, again ,with body language he made me understand that the laowai was actually very good! Chinese people attending this kind of bath are, often, a bit more rough and less.. “refined” or interested about the society good living.. as the sauna example above showed..



One response

1 09 2011

I’s say that price is really a good bargain!
When I was in Guangdong I used to go to a very nice place, the price was 88, if I remember well.
Never saw people peeing on the wall, though…


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