31 08 2011

Just got an email of flickr from an extremely interesting martial art contact, signed Meru Fumoto, specialized in bojutsu, but with an extensive knowledge of different arts and life!

Such a pleasure reading his words, especially in these days when I’m fighting with my joints to get them back in shape for Aikido practice:

Hi Andy
I thought I was a busy person. You leave me for dead man! You are not only obsessed with travel, food, Iaido, Aikido ….you are obsessed with life. Bloody fantastic. I’m 68, my oldest Bojutsu student is 73 and we are all obsessed and out to prove that we can still give life a fucking good kick in the guts.

Wednesday Bojutsu

Mel sensei (on the right)

I am indeed obsessed.. mainly with frustration now for not being able to practice, except in my mind.. but I know that I will be soon back on the mats and hopefully able to manage several sessions without troubles!

Good luck to me and to all martial art obsessed lovers.. my dear aiki-freaks friends included!!



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