Feng sexual rheumatic bone wine

1 09 2011

2 words out of five that probably would cause my blog to be blocked by some safe filters.. and there was no intention at all, since it is a name!!

friends from Hangzhou

Alex and Wang Tian

My good friend from Hangzhou Aikido, Wang Tian, was in Hefei for work. Not the first time for him. So I decided to take him out to dinner at Perfetto Restaurant, one place he did not know yet. He came with his working colleague, Alex. We had a very enjoyable evening, thanks as usual to the delicious food and also company of Perfetto’s owner, always full of stories about Chinese history or cooking or traveling (he lived several years in Italy, and as any good Italian or Chinese, he cannot speak English.. so first he maybe talks to me and then translate in Chinese for the others or vice versa 🙂 ).

Since I hadn’t seen Wang Tian in a long time, not being able to go to Hangzhou for practicing Aikido, he brought me as a present this Feng sexual rheumatic bone wine.

Feng sexual rheumatic bone wineEven with a strange name, it is in fact my new medicine for RA, much closer to traditional medicine than most of the others! And probably close to alcoholism as well!! This is a quite alcoholic wine (intended , jiǔ, so that the strong wine!) named 冯了性风湿跌打药酒, Féngle xìng fēngshī diē dǎ yàojiǔ (questionable translation!). This liquor is expressively directed to the treatment/management of rheumatoid arthritis problems.

The general term rheumatism, or fēngshī, 风湿, means wind and dampness in Chinese, referring to conditions of the muscles, tendons, joints, bones and nerves causing discomfort, weakness and disability. There is a similar understanding of this disease between Western and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): for the former, it is an autoimmune condition where the body immune system is defective and ends up attacking itself; TCM attributes the cause to the weak internal yang energy that cannot defend the body against disease-causing internal wind, coldness, and dampness.

So, in order to fight this cold and damp condition, several wines are recommended. Snake wine is among these medicines: I enjoyed eating snake meat, and I definitely would like to try this wine a swell. At home I got too some scorpion wine from Nanjing, and friends told me to use it as well!

The Feng sexual rheumatic bone wine is quite strong wine and quite disgusting. I try to take 2 spoons twice per day. Swallowed without let it linger in my mouth! This must be the “sexual” related part 😉 mmhh.. safe filters might kick in again!

But this is not the only way to use it: after drinking it, I put some of my hands and rub my knees/ankle/toe until it gets very hot.

So the wine has a double action: internal and external.

Did I see any improvements yet? Not really, but suddenly drinking traditional medicine is less disgusting!! 🙂




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