Sunny & yummy weekend!

5 09 2011

Almost a summer in 2 days!

For once, the good weather gods that usually spend their time mocking the workers, offering great weekdays and gloomy weekends, for once they have been nice: for the past couple of days the weather was wonderful. The perfect weather: quite warm, around 30 degrees C, a little breeze and low humidity, sunny, blue sky. Perfect weather for walking around and really enjoy the heat.

Chinese roll kebab潘蕾 and I got to the center at lunch time: perfect timing to try another wonderful new experience for me: 芙蓉蛋卷, Fúróng dàn juǎn, what I now call the Chinese answer to kebab roll! That was/is my common night snack in Norway! I must say especially in Oslo, followed by Trondheim, I had quite a few of kebab rolls when going out from a bar or disco, after 2am. I have to check when this tiny shop of 芙蓉蛋卷 closes during the night, even if there are no really bars close to this area. Anyway, it is not dürüm bread, but there are 2-3 sheets of a very thin kind of bread, filled with egg, meat, tofu, vegetables, noodles, and rolled up as a cone and one end is dip in the characteristic sous. Delicious!!!

潘蕾During my session of massage and acupuncture, 潘蕾 had a chance to watch a movie and have a chat with the three boys that run the place (2 specialize din massage and one acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion). Maybe a little boring for her, but she likes to learn new stuff and these boys enjoyed talking about what they were doing.. All in Chinese of course, needless to say! I just lay there, got my knees stick with several needles and try to even my breathing.. 🙂

So I managed to go to the acupuncture/massage place found by chance last week and then 潘蕾 and I went to enjoy the weather walking around a nearby park (杏花公园,Xinghua Park) and taking pictures..

First time visiting that park, in fact the whole area is new to both of us: we ended up there taking a random bus that should have took us close to the Traditional Medicine Hospital, but because of road works we ended up far more north than intended.. and then we spot the tiny place where I now enjoy to go for acupuncture!!

Before 潘蕾 had to run away to her part time job as English assistant we had a nice walk in the park, where she also enjoyed taking pictures of the nice sky and background!

杏花公园, Xinghua Park 杏花公园, Xinghua Park



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9 09 2011

that actually looks good lol. it reminds me of moo shu pork burritos, yes i can them chinese burritos hehe 🙂


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