Chinese fake glasses fashion

10 09 2011

I am so surprised I haven’t actually talked about this yet!

Have a look at the picture below, with a friend I met long ago..

Wang Xian Lan and me

Now stop staring at the pretty face and look closely her right eye, or better the part of the glasses frame that partly cover her eye and partly show the background.. and compare with my own left eye lens..

Do you notice something?

The background does not appear distorted at all because.. there is no glass!!

This is a common fashion around here, so common I forgot to post about it: many many girls are wearing glasses with only the frame but no lenses!!

Also here, another frame, same fashion..

All glasses shops have nowadays a section of only frames in different colors, thickness, styles.. I wonder in Europe, if this fashion has already arrived!!

I admit that on some girls is kind of sexy, but I have wore glasses for so many years I don’t even remember, and I dream to not wear them anymore, so I feel a little strange when people that don’t need glasses use.. frames!!! 🙂



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10 09 2011
Nikita Hengbok

I find it odd too. I think that’s some kind of silly fashion which I don’t know which idiot started it. LOL!


10 09 2011

Li porto anche io da tanto tempo che preferirei non portarli, e uso le lenti a contatto quando faccio sport…


11 09 2011
Mel Shead Meru Fumoto

Being a little older than you Andy, I remember as a teenager in London in the late 50’s / early 60’s wearing Buddy Holly look-a-like frames……… Go to Google Images, enter Buddy Holly and you will see what I mean….So perhaps I’m the idiot that started it:) While you are in Images, perhaps you might like to look up Dame Edner Everage, you may well be on your way to starting a new fashion line???????????


14 09 2011

I get upset when ppl where glasses for a fashion statement. I think of it as an insult. I’ve been wearing glasses since elementary school and it is such a pain. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself wearing them more and more. I have such bad eyesight lol.


17 09 2011
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[…] Mel’s comment about how history repeats himself.. from the black framed Buddy Holly glasses (neutral glass, if […]


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