Autumn tiger!

15 09 2011

In Hefei these last days the weather drastically changed to.. summer! The summer itself had been not so good, lots of clouds and several rainy days, especially in the evenings. The temperature was never extremely high and the humidity had been also bearable.  No big complains about that, especially since I got my joint troubled by RA.

Toward the end of August we were all convinced that the summer was over. But then, apparently the good weather decided to get around during the weekends and even for mid-autumn festival we could enjoy the moon. Blue skies, strong sun but also a soft breeze made the past days very enjoyable..

..until this week, right after mid-autumn day.. when the humidity came down as a wave, a full bucket splashing in my face, and in my joints..

This is what it is called around here 秋老虎, Qiūlǎohǔ, autumn tiger, the hot autumn, hotter and wetter than the summer! The equivalent of Indian summers. An “autumn tiger” refers, in Shanghai, to two consecutive days with highs above 35 degrees Celsius after the end of August. In general speaking, Chinese people refers to it in days like the past ones. Maybe not 35 degrees, but a quite killing combination of humidity and temperature!

Morning fog

When I saw such a fog this morning I thought the weather was turning around (I know the north wind should arrive from Sunday decreasing the temperature, even at less than 20 degrees C), but then the sky cleaned up and the sun came out.. or diffuse out, from a blank out sky, where everything has the same flat color..

In the last 24 hours the humidity oscillated between 60% to 100%, mostly with sunny weather.

In fact today more than the past days my knees are painful. Yesterday night I had a relaxing sauna and long relaxing time in the common room of my favorite bath, and my body was full of energy and feeling quite well. It was planned since tomorrow I’ll go to Shanghai and Saturday and Sunday I should finally go back to Aikido practice..

..but then today the pain is back.. and I know I must be careful this weekend!

Anyway, leaving with some more Chinese:

秋老虎不是真的老虎 (qiū lǎohǔ búshė zhēnde lǎohǔ): Autumn tiger is not real tiger

..but it can be equally dangerous..

cry or sweat..



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