Like a first time!

16 09 2011

Back to virgin feelings.. but not in the bed, on the tatami!! That for many of us it is very often a bed as well!! 🙂

Tonight I’ll travel to Shanghai for a weekend practice with Nokura sensei, a special weekend for Shanghai dojo as well since they will prepare for graduation in October, when Endo sensei will visit. There will then be one session on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

I will not take part to all the sessions. I am not that idiot, after more than one month stop because of RA, but I need, mentally and physically, to practice. I cannot push too hard because I don’t want to risk to have a strong inflammation again, but I admit that lately I am a little worried, scared, about the ukemi. How my knees especially will adapt to Aikido again..

I feel ok today, better than yesterday autumn tiger (some rain in the night decreased the wet heat) and the spirit is high. But practice is not only about spirit: the body must be there as well. And even if I think I did lost some weight by a more healthy diet (since I could not practice), Aikido movements and especially falling techniques would answer my biggest doubt: will I be able to practice again at good levels?

I hope this weekend I will manage again to be as happy and as tired as I was here blow, with my favorite Aiki-partner, Waka-san:

Aikido in Shanghai - Waka-san

..and not that the uniform will be wet because of pain tears!!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – It is really funny, but I cannot say much now, except check the blog Sunday.. Tomorrow I’ll practice as it was the first time.. and Sunday, by chance, I celebrate something closed related..



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