New fashions

17 09 2011

The post about the fake glasses Chinese (Asian? I haven’t seen those in Japan..) fashion has moved several people, people that nature made wearing glasses for too long!! 🙂

Buddy HollyParticularly interesting Mel’s comment about how history repeats himself.. from the black framed Buddy Holly glasses (neutral glass, if any!) that probably many people in the late 50′s / early 60′s enjoyed.. but probably not only in that period!

Maybe Mel did started this fashion, that it was picked up by several others in the show business! And step by step, it became the Chinese empty frame one! That, I admit, from time to time, it’s interesting, especially on some cute girls.. and it is somewhat less sexist, attracting our male attention to something.. different than the usual places we boys check out first in girls!! 😉

Mel also suggests me to introduce to China some different fashion: Dame Edna Everage look for example, with “wisteria hue” hair, cat-eye “face furniture” and colorful clothing.. but I am not sure I can take up the challenge. already now I am an alien here, in tiny Hefei, I wonder what if I went “wisterish shades”, or just regressed to some past excesses, like shown below.. (yeah, my hair are getting long again, but I don’t think I’ll dread up.. not sure China is ready!!) 😉

Dame Edna

Dame Edna Everage

i had been like that.........

going nuts..




One response

17 09 2011
Mel Shead Meru Fumoto

Great research Andy, you sure are a cool Dude. Love our joint venture haha


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