3 sessions in Wuhan!

27 09 2011

Back after a very nice trip to Wuhan where I practiced for 3 sessions. A bit more of a challenge with respect to Shanghai last weekend, where I had one weapon class and 1 hour short training before the club went through the graduation test.

with 2 sweet girlsLast Monday my body was aching (muscles and Aikido related pains, not particularly RA ones!). And then during the week the swelling had come back, even if for only the time to scare the heck out of me.. Yesterday the body was ok. Meaning some condition is coming back. My knees were again a little painful at touch (especially right knee, the one that got the big inflammation), but nothing too bad. Ankles and foot did not show any swellnig sign, but then I wonder toward the end of this week (as last week – some sort of delayed effect?). We’ll see, even if I really strongly hope for nothing too bad!!

Anyway, the time in Wuhan was again a really happy time. Besides the good Aikido sessions I mean 😉
Taiji "masater"..As mentioned before, the Aikido practiced in Wuhan is more physical than the kind of Aikido I am doing lately. Some forms and positions are closer to jujitsu, locks more direct and fast, maybe more effective in some ways. But also less space to an active and aware uke, less focus on the concept of contact,  too much strength and speed in tori action, where his/her focus is on the attack only. Pros & cons of a different kind of Aikido that I enjoy to practice from time to time.

For my personal evolution it is important to face new challenges practicing with different people and in different ways. Not having anymore one sensei to follow “closely”, it is quite exciting experiencing different Aikido visions and see how my ways to execute the techniques fit (when practicing more free with the advanced people, not during a normal class).

The challenge is also trying to perform the technique in the same way they do (meaning, same steps, and body movements, but less use of arms), without loosing the nature of the contact I like in Aikido.

Anyway, I need practice.. no, I mean, I NEED practice! 😀

Any kind of Aikido practice goes!

not always serious!

Mr. Gong

And when not practicing it is always nice spending time outside the dojo: seeing a different aspect of this interesting people I am meeting around China thanks to Aikido. I think that the practice time in the weekend is wonderful for being able to do other things besides Aikido. 2 sessions on both Saturday and Sunday, one for each dojo, Hankou and Wuchang, with a break of about 6 hours in between. So we had time to go by car to Wuchang, visit the place where Yolanda lives, play with her dog 妞妞 (Niūniū), have another great meal all together and then go to the second session.

I want also to thank the Wuhan friends that took several pictures from my previous visit, of the session that they let me teaching.. where I introduced a few aspects fo the kind of Aikido I like, trying to remain relaxed and having an active moving uke. It was fun indeed..

Teaching in Wuhan Teaching in Wuhan



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4 03 2017

Dear Akidude,
I know this post is a bit old, but I’m currently looking for an Aikido dojo in Wuhan and fell on this post. Could you give me some details / contacts ?

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5 03 2017

I’m having problems to get your email but I will link soon a contact for the dojo there. Also, lucky you, Tissier sensei will visit in April!! Very special chance and event! All through another French teacher that visits China often, Dominique Rascle, 6.dan.
I’ll find a way to send you the info… but right now I am in China as well and with Internet often there are hiccups!! Take care 🐼


5 03 2017

Thanks in advance !
Let me give you another email address with this comment. Anyway I won’t be able to check Gmail from tomorrow when I’m entering PRC.
Tissier sensei coming, that sounds like a great opportunity ! I might have to plan some more business trips to China !


5 03 2017

OK, just found the contacts through some other channels. I’m hooked !
The aikido planet sure is tightly knit and helpful to random other practitioners.
Thanks again.


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