New Japanese restaurant in Hefei!!!

29 09 2011

A couple of nights ago I went to try the new and delicious and real Japanese restaurant!

My colleague and friend Yuming told me of this new opening, something we both really looked forward to! (Yuming’s wife is Japanese!!). It is located in MingZhu square,  明珠广场: yeah for me!! Relatively close home, extremely closed to the bath where I often go and very well served by bus!

More or less in the middle of Beihai road just around the corner of the Lotus supermarket, compressed between several hot pot restaurants and in front of some more Chinese “elegant” ones, the entrance is quite tiny and if 潘蕾 did not see the sign I probably would have missed it.

[I emptied yesterday my camera pictures on my pc, forgetting I wanted to write this post.. so you must wait next time for pics of the place and the delicious food!]

The place is elegant, very different respect to the other restaurants close by. The interiors are well done, giving a relaxing more Japanese atmosphere, with bamboo, wood floor and wood interiors, reserved and quite private rooms. In the brochure there is a picture also of a tatami room, but I did not see it..

Yesterday it was very well attended by Japanese people, with the waitresses speaking some Japanese (at least basic interaction phrases and the food names from the menu). The restaurant is owned by a Japanese man and with Japanese head chef!! More than I could expect!

About the food, miracles for getting fresh sushi fish are not possible. I could not see sushi or sashimi on the menu (Hefei is a lake/river city, inner land, no good fresh sea fish) but I could enjoy 2 of my favorite Japanese dishes: unagi, うなぎ, and okonomiyaki, お好み焼き, the so called “Japanese pizza” (nothing really to do with pizza!) that I love!!

Only negative about these 2 dishes was no rice together with unagi (if I am not wrong, in Japan it usually comes over rice, so that the sauce also gives extra flavor to the rice) and the okonomiyaki was the very basic one with nothing on the top besides katsuobushi (鰹節 or かつおぶし), the fish shavings and the Japanese mayonnaise. So no beef or shrimps or other toppings.

Final review:

  • Price: not cheap.. but not crazy expensive either.. a price worth to pay for real good Japanese food!
  • Food quality: very good
  • Drink offer: lots of Japanese stuff, with Asahi beer
  • Portions: little small maybe

From a Japanese food (and country) lover like me, it was worth trying and I will definitively be back!!



2 responses

1 10 2011

YUM! I love sushi!!

I remember when I had sushi in Germany, the texture and taste of it was different from the US. I did not really care for it, but of course I had to order and eat lots of it because I was homesick lol. Why no food pics? I am obsessed with food pics! Heheh 🙂


1 10 2011

Oh oops!! I tagged you in the 7 links challenge! Hope you have fun doing it if you haven’t done it already! Can’t wait to read you responses! 🙂


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