Hello Norway!

1 10 2011

Finally I can openly say hello to Norway and Europe again..

I am back in Europe for a little more than one week all together, arrived Thursday night, in  Trondheim (now) and then Oslo.. meeting friends and more..

Trondheim - Nidaros domine cathedral Trondheim

The pain organizing this trip was to maintain it as much secret as possible: nobody there knew I was going, except for a few people out of Trondheim, and 2 in Trondheim (Tor Magnus renting my apartment, of which I do not have a key, and Vittorio, my best friend that picked me up at the airport, and usually do not live in Trondheim as well 😉 )..


Jorma Lyly

It was all done for giving a small surprise to the good Aikido friend: this weekend there is in fact a seminar in Trondheim with Jorma Lyly, 5th dan from Vanadis dojo, one of my favorite instructors ever.. and a friend! And the curiosity was in seeing the expression of the dear Aikido friends like Svein, Sverre, Marius that did not know I was coming there..

In fact, I met only yesterday late afternoon, for the Aikido session, the friends here in Trondheim.. so I had to hold my mouth shut (and my blog wordless) until now.. 😉

I hope the surprise was good for someone else as well.. for me, a great pleasure to be back!!



2 responses

3 10 2011

e una sorpresa in Italia,no?:) pensavo alla Norvegia e a te proprio oggi..


8 10 2011

Norway looks absolutely beautiful!! 🙂


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