Goodbye Trondheim

5 10 2011

5 days in Trondheim and soon it is time to say goodbye.

5 days mostly spent on the tatami with Aikido friends, old and new ones, sharing what I miss so much when I am in China: practice practice practice!

Only sad that in 5 days I got only an extremely and not very hot sauna!!! Right now I miss my favorite bath and sauna in Hefei!! Amazing!!

Apart from that it has been really cool and funny to meet so many of my Aikido mates, and not only, especially since for most of them I managed to keep secret about my visit..

The first to meet me and maybe one of the msot funny reaction has been from Svein: Tor Magnus had conned him to be at my place Thuirsday late night (quite easy: he just made a big dinnr, got some beers and then started playing guitars to each other!!). So when I arrived, first Svein was surprised someone was ringing at the dporp at midnight or so.. Tor came down to open and Svein said he did ot recognized the voices.. Then he was sitting on the sofa, straight in front of the door and the stairs toward the ground floor, so he saw me climbing the stairs and appearing step after step.. and he told me he could not really understand how could it be me.. so he was thinking “what the f**k, who’s this guy that looks like Andrea??”.. until he realized the dude coming up was the.. aikidude!! 🙂

I got a couple of equally surprised reactions, quite appreciated 🙂

The weekend with Jorma was amazing has it always is: one of favorite teachers ever, probably the one I miss the msot, both for the way he teaches and for what he teaches. Enriching and difficult as usual, he is always able to show advanced concepts in a quite natural way, making me thinking.. “of course it is like this! But now how can I make this happen all the time??” O course I do not manage! But it is always great work with him and I again got a few details to work on.. (in truth there are mtons of things to work on, but honestly I can remember only a few, and it is better I focus on some!)

with Jorma with Unn

Anyway, past the weekend, also Monday and Tuesday I took part ot Aikido sessions, both at Trondheim Akido club and NTNUI Aikido.

This is actually an amazing good news for me: 5 days, 6 Aikido sessions, and no problem to the joints of knees and ankles.. no RA related troubles.. even if tonight I felt the knees more itred than usual. But Tuesday session involved a lot of suwariwaza sitting techniques, that actually I thought I could not perform at all.. but I got through.

It will certainly be interesting to see in a few hours (2:30am now) when I have to walk to the bus stop and then trave lto Oslo.. and more walking there!! And Friday one more sessions before leaving Norway, at my opther previosu club, Oslo Aikido club, with Lester as instructor.. cool!!!

with Svein with Mathias
with Marius with Karwan

..and the Stavanger gang, except than for Karwan that had to run to take the flight back home..

Stavanger gang

I got many more pictures that I will upload probably once back in China.. brcause in a day there are only 24 hours, and I am trying to use them at best, leaving some for sleeping, thing I should do now as well.. considering the packing is almost done (oh god oh god, it is going to be heavy Suunday!!)..

Tomorrow breakfast with Sverre and then airport to Oslo.. to other friends, brothers.. and sweet babies!!



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