Done packing!!

9 10 2011

Last evening in Oslo, but I was lucky these days too to enjoy the company of several friends.

After a nice practice yesterday at my previous club, Oslo Aikido dojo, I spent the evening with Pedram, Tina and little Enya. A great dinner and a long chat into the night enjoying a 21 years old Glenfiddich and the company of very good friends!!

Today with Simona, Karsten, Sara and Silvia we took advantage of another amazing beautiful day and we went to Trollvann to enjoy the woods, looking for mushrooms and make a fire where we cooked sausages on 🙂

Then, back home in Oslo, we had waffles and the mushroom we found while watching a very funny cartoon and then enjoying the company of other long time not seen friends: Julia and Rikard and their 2 super sweet children, Rafael and Valeria (I love this name!!). It was the first time I met the little girl and maybe the second Rafael. So nice!!

And then after they left it came time for fixing my luggage. It went smooth and fast, a few things left for tomorrow morning just before leaving (fridge stuff: cheese and salmon). It’s going to be heavy but I’ll have to pay the extra in China only probably. We’ll see!!

As usual, I travel heavy: the weight of the presents to friends in Norway has been replaced by… food!!!

So much weight, sweat for carrying this stuff around knowing that once home it won’t last long…. No regrets though.. Especially when I’ll taste the smoked salmon ;)))

Last note, knees and feet are ok! Some little diffused pain but nothing too serious! I am quite positive again about my future.. At least about my practice!!

Tomorrow, early at the airport, check in then relax and wait to leave.. And then more stories from the East!!!



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9 10 2011

Safe travels! It was really good to see you again!
Jac (still enjoying all the goodies!}


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