Oh yes, I am definitively back in China!

11 10 2011

Arrived in China yesterday and then I was definitively sure that I was back on Chinese soil.. and back to Chinese ways:

  • WordPress is blocked.. again! No chance to open my blog.. Further motivation for testing again the VPN..
  • I took a bottle of cold coffee-milk drink from the local shop just to realize, when drinking, that it is milk tea! Of course it was surrounded by different coffee drink bottles..
  • In Shanghai yesterday here were more than 22 degrees C and more than 70% humidity all over the day! I left Norway with a temperature of 4 degrees in Oslo Sunday morning!! I don’t need to say I sweat liters during the day!
  • Arrived in Hefei around midnight at 23 degrees C – 82% (!) humidity!!
  • I had to explain the way home to the taxi driver at the airport.
  • At a Shanghai airport small shop after buying some food they gave me 2 角, (jiao, 1 jiao = 0.1 yuan) instead of 2 yuan change: but I noticed at once and I asked for the 2 kuài (块 "lump"), slang word for yuán (元), the proper change. I’m a laowai, but at least I know the different coins!!
  • Tiny water stream at very low pressure in faucet and shower at home.. I miss already the high pressure showers in Norway.. I mean, everywhere besides my apartment!!

For the first time I am really considering to invest a little money for my blog, moving it to wordpress.org, that is accessible in China. I never thought this blgo adventure would have lasted so much as I had never thought I would enjoy it and missing it when I cannot open, like from time to time in Asia.

My experience with VPN here in China is totally negative. The first I bought was a huge fraud, the second gives great results.. in Shanghai!! As several others VPN, heard from friends in large or relatively large cities. Here in Hefei, my personal experience, with the internet connection I have, is unfortunately negative. But I will spend some more time on that!

These past days in Norway I enjoyed my time back on FB, especially since for quite a few contacts, FB is the only channel of communication. I can survive without Yuotube, but it was nice to use it again..

..but the blog has become vital..

(long time I don’t drink powder coffee in the office, but today I’m suffering the jet-lag effect!! Yesterday in Shanghai it was much easier!! I did not have to sit at a desk and.. work!!)

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Now that I am back in Hefei I can start planning for taking as soon as possible a huge and long missed.. sauna!! Only negative aspect of this Norwegian holidays was the missing sauna: I had a 5 minutes one in Sverre’s dojo, but it was still warming up after 2 hours practice and the temperature was almost higher outside! Quite a disappointment, the only one in 10 very good days!!




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12 10 2011

LOL I use to be so glued to FB, only for the games though!! 🙂


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