Yellow people!

18 10 2011

No, I am not using the common negative way to call in Western countries Chinese and in general Asian people! No, I’m not having such a bad day.. but I want to introduce a bit more of funny Chinese, especially funny since it mean nothing for us foreigners!

黄人, Huáng rén = yellow person

This is a funny expression I learnt from 潘蕾 combining the meaning of 黄, yellow: it is the color of.. sex!!!

In a Western mind the color for passion, sex or being sexy is red, definitively not yellow!!

And more funny is calling "yellow" the Asian people, thing they actually do not know! It might come as a shock for many, but Chinese are not really yellow.. neither Japanese or any Asian I have ever met! Still if you ask a child to draw a Chinese man, they will make a very round face, almond eyes and color all in yellow. When we chat about that with some Chinese friends they were extra surprised!! When Chinese babies draw laowai they always make big noses!!!

For Chinese yellow is the color that implies sex, usually related to books, movies, etc. I have just learned from wikipedia (as usual) that, yes, the term "yellow movie" (黃色電影,Huángsè diànyǐng) can refer to films of pornographic nature in Chinese culture, and is analogous to the English "blue movie".. blue movie??? Never heard that one!! A blue movie is a sad movie for me!!

But then calling a Chinese "yellow person" it implies that this person always thinks about sex or he/she is a bit wicked minded.. yeah, sort of like me and most of my friends!! 😉

At the same time, it means also sexy: so young girl wear yellow sexy clothes with intentions of shouting to the world they are not afraid to appear sexy! (yellow hot pants on long tanned Chinese legs.. quite a view in summer!)

黄人, Huáng rén, yellow person is anyway not a common expression! Google it, you’ll find no references. Also some colleagues never heard it!

潘蕾 just made it up to.. describe me!! And then we started playing with her friends at university and not only..

Yes, you got it right: I cannot speak Chinese but I am introducing new slang expression to China.. in Chinese 😉




One response

31 10 2011

yes, 黄 is a color and when you use it as a verb, it describing a person who has dirty minded and a jerk.

To be frank, I have never heard 黄人. I believe is your gf who has makes it up. 🙂



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