Am I back in Norway?

25 10 2011

When I just arrived in Trondheim, the short walk in the connecting passageway from the airplane to the arrival gate gave me an idea of the temperature outside. It was around 22:30, late night after a day of rain, and I could feel maybe around 5 degrees or less. Those days we were experiencing a good “autumn tiger days” over here, a mild autumn, after a summer not so good.

But I always liked the Norwegian fresh sharp air, clean and
revitalizing, especially after a few visits to the Chinese really big cities! For Hefei the main problem is not yet the pollution (it will come, no worries) but the dust, since almost everywhere there are construction sites. And since where I work is basically countryside, often during the year the smoke from the burning field makes the air quite heavy as well.

Today though, I cannot really complain: the fresh air surprised me, a little “cold” maybe, but then the sun, the sky, the clouds and the flowers in the field just on the side of the company draw a beautiful picture….

Norwegian sky

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Yesterday I learnt something more about this sometimes crazy China: like in Europe, when you are on business trip you are supposed to keep the receipt in order to get the money back from the company. You have a given daily allowance, usually though strictly based on your real expenses. In the big cities it is possible to buy receipt! And we are talking about like hotel receipt of payment with the correct date of your check out but a considerably higher rate than what one paid. And the price would be like 10% of the receipt or similar. How do I know this? Some people recently got caught doing that!! I know that also other Chinese colleagues had never thought possible to buy these fake receipt!



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