1 notch less special

31 10 2011

Given that I have never been so special for a start, from today I’ll be even less: a new colleague will start in the company and he is laowai who can speak Chinese! He is basically a freshly majored Spanish guy that did one of last term projects at the Science and Techonlogy University here in Hefei where he also managed to learn some Chinese.

Good for the company, both for the work (his background is indeed very useful, I think!) and for the image, the common way to use us laowai during Chinese exhibitions. Given he is also able to communicate to the common participants to Chinese exhibition, I am probably going to train my replacement!

He will also live in my same area.. and as soon as the other Chinese will realize that he speaks the language.. everybody will think I am the slow one, or the stupid one.. True, I should have learned more, but that’s also the difference between being a student (doing projects, busy, yes, but..) or working! Anyway, just an excuse.. at least now I can say “I’d like to eat/drink something” and a very few other useless but funny expressions! 🙂

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Autumn is going toward winter, and the weather lately has been more on the rainy – wet side.. and the result is that the garbage bins of the office are becoming more.. spit bins! Hhmm.. nothing more Chinese normal day than writing a report or working at the desk and hear the typical sound of somebody clearing their throat from way deep down and then horking out the product in the garbage bin.. that has become the following:

Spit bin