11 11 2011

What a combination!

The perfect Single’s Day ever!!

Today it is a Chinese traditional “festival”, very popular especially among university students: 光棍节 (guāng gùn jié), so called Singles Day or One’s Day.

It is tradition to eat “1”-shaped food..like 油条, yóutiáo, that i liked a lot, especially for breakfast, with some soup. Not sure i’ll manage to find some tonight when I will go out from work!

How will I spend the evening anyway?

Together with my girlfriend, of course 😉

Quite funny that last year, during this period it was so difficult to “read” my gf thoughts that very often I came to thinking we were over.. and still we are together after more than 1 year.. probably because, as for Chinese in general, when I do not understand I do to care anymore! If it is necessary I understand for sure, then the fact will be presented or explained differently 🙂

Perfect recipe for life.. it works both ways..

Anyway, happy single’s day folks! 光棍节快乐!!!!