11 11 2011

What a combination!

The perfect Single’s Day ever!!

Today it is a Chinese traditional “festival”, very popular especially among university students: 光棍节 (guāng gùn jié), so called Singles Day or One’s Day.

It is tradition to eat “1”-shaped food..like 油条, yóutiáo, that i liked a lot, especially for breakfast, with some soup. Not sure i’ll manage to find some tonight when I will go out from work!

How will I spend the evening anyway?

Together with my girlfriend, of course 😉

Quite funny that last year, during this period it was so difficult to “read” my gf thoughts that very often I came to thinking we were over.. and still we are together after more than 1 year.. probably because, as for Chinese in general, when I do not understand I do to care anymore! If it is necessary I understand for sure, then the fact will be presented or explained differently 🙂

Perfect recipe for life.. it works both ways..

Anyway, happy single’s day folks! 光棍节快乐!!!!




2 responses

13 11 2011

You couldn’t read a Chinese girl’s thoughts? C’mon man, it’s easy…but only if you are also capable of closing the gap between the rich and poor and getting the U.S. to stop waging unnecessary wars. In other words – it’s impossible. They are an enigma wrapped in an enigma. I stopped trying. Perhaps you have to have a Zen like acceptance that you will never know what she is thinking,let go of the uncertainty and, in doing so, you can achieve enlightenment. I’ve only had one beer so far. Imagine the profound insights I can come up with after a couple more!


14 11 2011

Aww cute story! I made doubles wishes on 11-11-11 🙂


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