Girls and telephone numbers

17 11 2011

Funny how Going to a club here in Hefei, when you have a laowai face, you don’t need much efforts for getting two things, for free: 1) get drinks; 2) get telephone numbers from girls usually ranking from average to pretty. But both situations have their disadvantage:

1) drinks must be consumed in the Chinese way: drinking the whole glass toasting with the person offering.. usually more than one at the same table, and then you can be sure more people will join just for toasting with the laowai.. So a friend of mine prefers to hold always a bottle of beer to avoid to get completely wasted throwing down the throat anything alcoholic the Chinese drink!!

2) the girls usually speak 2-3 words at most in English: they ask your number (often out of kindness or excitement on the moment for the laowai presence, more than interest) and then start sending you sms in either Chinese or pinyin.. without any real possibility of just go out and have a beer and a chat together.. and I mean, just that! As friends.. I often get numbers, even whe nthere with friends more handsome than me.. and then cancel them after the night (and the momentarily excitement to have a pretty Asian girl giving me her number.. things I never got used in Europe!

@ Phebe

Anyway, it gives some confidence and personal pride when pretty girls you only had a glass of beer with really want you to get their numbers, even knowing you will never meet them again (or fearing you will meet them when you are with your girlfriend!!).. Especially when you are like me, never popular in his life, always struggling to get any positive feedback from girls in clubs!

The thought reminded me a comment made by an Eritrean guy ages ago in Norway: he was a very popular and cool guy, always surrounded by pretty girls. I remember once we were in a pub together with some other friends, having fun, enjoying the music and the company. At the end of the evening we start on the way home, and for once this guy was also walking with us, not going to a nachtspill (Norwegian party after the party..) with a new girls. The guy then at some point made the comment: “Tonight I go home without any new girl telephone number.. it is a wasted night!”…

My first thought was: what an idiot!

For me going out, meeting friends (or not), having a good time in a bar, with good music and fun is never a wasted night. But as said I never went home with many new numbers or seldom I went to
nachtspill. Never been popular.

Now, in a place where my foreign face attract people more than a 100 yuan note on the ground, once I had a similar thought, and I felt so embarrassed!!!! That evening I was with a Chinese friend, we met several people in a club (boys and girls) and at the end nobody asked me my number or my QQ (the Chinese version of messaging service, that I love and use more than MSN now!).. I still did not think it was a wasted night, but I felt some sort of “sadness” for leaving empty handed..

It is also true I (have to) clean both QQ and mobile contact lists once per month!!! 😉



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