Girls and telephone numbers – part 2

18 11 2011

Close related to yesterday post, it is quite funny the way I met my girlfriend, 潘蕾. As a note, we have been together now a little more than 1 year..

The first time we met was in August. More exactly it was August 13th, 2010. I remember the date only because I have those pictures from that evening, a really funny evening in Madison bar here in Hefei. Most of the evening had been spent playing the dice game called 789.. of course a drinking game!

I knew that night there would have been a special music event with 1 or 2 american dj’s mising some music, so I convinced my dear friend Wang Hui to meet up there, in Madison, his favorite place anyway. So once there, he knows everybody, and everybody (especially the girls working in the bar) knows him.. so they joined us for the game..

Wang Hui is also an extremely good singer, so when the beer effect started warming him up he went up to the stage and sang a bit, just before the dj’s started their show..

789.. dice game!

A few girls arrived together with the 2 dj’s and when they started mixing, Wang Hui and I joined the party dancing in the place..

One of this girls was quite interesting (潘蕾)and did not dislike dancing with me (afterward she said she was actually quite embarrassed for me dancing so closely, but then she thought maybe it is the Western way and did not want to be impolite..), and especially she could speak a very good English! Not common around here, as mentioned earlier 😉

So, not only dancing but also chatting and I understood she came together (as.. “together!”) with one of the dj’s, a young American boy.. but at the same time she asked me for my number. So we exchanged numbers..

..and once home, since I thought she was with the laowai dj, I canceled her number!!!

My surprise a couple of weeks later when I got an sms from an unknown number asking me if I was ok and if I wanted to meet up for a chat.. I replied I was ok.. and asked who was the sender!!! 🙂

Then, yes, we met up for a chat, followed by more chats and walking around (last summer it was extremely hot in the evenings): we spent several hours per night, 2-3 times per week walking around in the area between her university and my area (neighborhoods) and the friendship strengthen… 🙂

This is probably the only telephone number from a girl met in a bar that lead to something more than 2-3 mixed languages sms/chat.. but, as I knew after, it was almost the first time 潘蕾 went to a bar!! That maybe is the reason! She is far from being a party-bar girl.. as I has never been and will never be a party boy!!

Only negative thing is that she is a language student, German and English.. so I am learning more German than Chinese from her 😉



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18 11 2011
Girls and telephone numbers – part 2 | TheNewsChef

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