Irish cappuccino

23 11 2011

After so many satisfaction it was meant to happen: for the first time I was unhappy with something at Perfetto restaurant in Hefei!

For the law of large numbers it was meant to happen, sooner or later..

Yesterday after a good dinner with JingJing we went to Perfetto for some coffee based beverage, and I chose for the third time the Irish coffee. The first two times I quite enjoyed both the drink and the preparation, with the warming of the whiskey in a special glass over a flame, burning of some alcohol and then pouring in the coffee, followed by adding the creme on top. Not the best Irish coffee (that one was in Trondheim actually, in a quite fancy bar where I went by chance and returned only for the Irish coffee special preparation.. so expensive!!).

Yesterday night something went wrong.. in several ways:

* the whiskey has been set on fire very early and kept burning for a long time.. cool to see the flame, but that was my alcohol getting burning and disappearing!!
* the coffee was already covered by cream: here in China they have a very thick cream that does not let much stuff through..
* when the serving girl poured the burning whiskey on the cream all went wrong: the cream made a perfect dam for the whiskey that just splashed out of the glass, still on fire, and run over the table.. leaving a blazing glass in a puddle of burnt whiskey..

The result was an extremely sticky and warm glass containing nothing else than coffee, thick cream and a soft flavor of whiskey on the top few atomic layer of the cream itself…

..the Irish cappuccino!!! (defined by my dear friend JJ)

Irish "cappuccino"