November fog..

1 12 2011

I know the song was “November rain“, a nice old sad song from Guns ‘n Roses, a band that had its own good moments in the past (I am talking the real Past, when the band probably were not even attempting to be sober when playing but the drug use was probasbly lower.. so the music was still acceptable.. in studio!!).. Anyway, the weather of the past few days made me thinknig about the song, even if the rain arrived only today!

Monday and Tuesday morning the landscape was as here below:

November fog...

Monday morning especially I took the first picture on the left from my balcony: amazing! I could not see few meters off the handrail!! Jump? No thanks.. I was pretty sure this white fluffy feeling would have brought up (down?) the hard truth! 😉

Also watching the car lights pierce the thick fog brought me back to the first years of my engineering studies, at the beginning of the ’90s, when together with other 4 friends from Biella we were driving every morning to Vercelli, where there was the local campus of Politecnico in Torino. And the Biella – Vercelli road is sadly famous for the thick fog, as my father knows very well, with the thousdand kilometrs he drove in the region..

I always liked to walk in the fog, in Biella (no, not driving!). I even wrote one story, many years ago, with the fog as main “character” (yeah, it was one of my dark stories) but as usual it was writen oin paper and it got lost, not ending up in my present story pages.. I know, given what I managed to write here, it is not such a big loss.. for you..

sitting on the clouds...

But then last night the wind came out: storm wind and rain, to the point that the air draft because of the bad quality windows in my apartment froze me! I had to wear double socks: thank god I got several Norwegian winter socks, of good quality (yeah, made in Norway, not China) 😉 .

Yesterday first time this year we had to start the warm air condition at work: if all the Chinese in the room decided to start it is a sign of really cold weather, since the tendency here is to save, even if when it’s the company money and not something taken from your salary!!

Today the weather is actually quite better: still freezing cold, but the sky is more open.. the wind of the past days helped! But in the office, my hands are freezing (everybody wearing the jacket in the office, but it does not help the extremities!) I should work more in clean room these days (controlled environment!!)

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – I have noticed that when the cold season is coming the Chinese pretty girls become even more gorgeous since, also with the cold, the can really dress!!! In summer it is too easy: those long thin tanned legs are enough to shout for attention, no matter what the girl is wearing, as long she got tiny shorts or tiny skirts.. But when winter comes, and all get covered up, one fear to not enjoy anymore (at least for the eyes!).. I mean, more than 10 years in Norway prepared me to the gray winter times, when lovely girls only wear thick jackets, heavy trousers and mountain boots.. Here (in Asia, I must admit) girls are pretty good at dressing, even in cold weather (I know, Norway is colder, even though over here is more humid!).



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