Aikido & Aiki-Jujitsu

2 12 2011

First of all, I have no idea if there is something practiced for real as Aikido+Jujitsu (I did practice Aiki-Jutsu with the gifted master soke Yamaue and I loved his applications and inputs on the art!). I also know, even if never practiced, the art called Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu (大東流合気柔術), and I met people practicing it, and heard some discussions about this interesting martial art as well.

I am not trying to start a new definition or denomination of something!! “Aikido+Jujitsu” is just a name I gave in my mind to the Aikido form that it is practiced in Wuhan dojo. An Aikido form that for many aspects is closer to what I know (very little I admit) of Jujitsu. I mean, as wikipedia writes, Jujutsu, 柔術, the Japanese form, not the also interesting and more modern Brazilian form.
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Cold and ..weird lunch

2 12 2011

..and very disappointing as well!

With an outside temperature in the range 0-6 degrees in the past hours, the little lunch box delivery truck arrived with almost all boxes already cold. Given we got 2 microwave ovens for the 100 employees to warm the boxes, I decided today to skip. But it was the wrong decision, especially because if the “meat” thing:

cold and ..weird lunch..

The vegetables and the rice, even cold, they were eatable.

The meat thing was something not uncommon in China: bone and fat, muscle, no real meat!!

And cold.. very cold.. cold enough to think myself vegetarian today!!! Anyway, I will have a good dinner at Perfetto tonight, with friends.. and then night train to Hangzhou!!