Weak sun for the traveler

9 12 2011

So surprised: during yesterday morning when a weak sun broke its way past the clouds of the last few days (that brought an extremely cold rain!). Forecasts said sunny days to come, and today in fact the weak sun won again against the clouds. A little breeze complete the weather picture, with the result of cooling even faster an already extremely cold air.

The temperature has been around zero. Winter is here, 潘蕾 said.. Winter is coming, I replied, paraphrasing “A Song of Ice and Fire” leading motive. I read 3 (4?) of George Martin’s series books before. It was my last period in Norway (2009-2010) and one of my best friends there, Sverre, introduced me to this amazing series. Then I watch the TV transposition of the first book and involved also 潘蕾. Through Amazon China (amazing good service, prices and choice by the way!) we purchased the first 4 books in English: she started from the first, I took up again the second. And now, as before, I got a book with me when traveling, in Hefei on the long bus trips to the center, and out of Hefei, when heading to my Aikido trips..

..like tonight, on my way to Shanghai, Flying this time (cheap ticket that will get me there soon enough to take subway for the hotel, instead of a cheaper train that would probably result in a very expensive cab ride in Shanghai!). Less time on the airplane, more time to spend with friends in Shanghai. Practice only Sunday, rest of the trip is for meeting some friends I haven’t seen in ages, and for enjoying Shanghai. It’s going to be cold, but sunny like here. Then I’ll probably find a sunny spot on the Bund or in Pudong and see how much of my book I will manage to read..

Splitting my free time between the call of practice and the desire to enjoy also the place where I live, I haven’t decided yet what to do of the next weekends, even if Christmas and New Year ones will be probably spent here. Christmas, we got no holidays, but it would be nice to have a nice dinner with some friends. Home dinner or killer buffet (Silver Shark) or teppanyaki.. many choices! New Year ,I should have 3 days in a row free from work (yeah, Saturday and Sunday count!! With Monday 1st of January official holiday). I have a couple of ideas..

Next weekend I originally thought to go to Wuhan once more time before the end of the year. These days I have been considering a change of plans, that will cut out the Aikido and the time with my friends there. Since Endo sensei seminar in Shanghai (23rd October) I have suffered a quite weird problem in my left foot: lots of sitting in seiza has left a part of my foot with a mild numbness. I always knew I have quite bad blood circulation (and these cold nights at home I am really suffering in fingers, toes and.. nose!) but now, after more than one month I start being a little worried about this problem. It has no negative effects on anything, not walking or practice, or.. more seiza. But it is always there, or better, not there. A part of the foot is numb, starting from the ankle and going on the left side of the foot to the toes. I think I will go to the traditional medicine hospital with 潘蕾 and, after a chat with the experts there, maybe visit the “normal” hospital as well. Maybe this is related to my RA, maybe not.. but I need a few more answers, and remedies now!

Before that, there is anyway Shanghai!

Plans for both tonight and tomorrow night, including checking a Belgian beer bar, going back to one of my favorite places in Shanghai, Lune bar, with great live music and extremely friendly bar personnel. Also tomorrow night a special treat (that for what I know I can forget in Hefei): red wine and cheese “dinner” together with a few people sharing the same passions.. Before leaving, Sunday, before practice, I will complete the Shanghai experience with Italian ice cream at Le Creme and hopefully (after practice, the time should be enough) a good Italian pizza. I have been craving for pizza lately, real pizza as I can only find in Shanghai. It is probably time I learn how to make pizza.. but for baking products pizza, bread, biscuits) I am terrible!!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – As said several times before, in general Chinese buildings do not have a good heating system, but they use air condition. Work directives for the winter to come (or just arrived): in the offices we are allowed to use the heating air condition only when the temperature outside is less than 5 degrees and the heater cannot be set more than 20 degrees. These days we are all wearing the jackets in the office. Soon gloves and hats too!!



One response

10 12 2011

Hey man!

just came across your blog which actually sparked my interest as i’m fond of Aikido and actually need an advise about some dojos in Hefei cause i’m in this town now. And want to continue practicing here after rather long break.

thanks in advance for any information.


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