Living in a developing city

16 12 2011

The first title for this post, while last night I was walking around, freezing and loudly swearing in several different languages, was slightly different.. more colorful.. probably blocked by several safe internet filters.. 🙂

Yesterday I decided to go after work to Metro for buying the ingredients for tiramisu, since this weekend I’ll plan to met Yuming and his Japanese wife and lovely baby and have a dinner together. Maybe Japanese dinner with Italian cake 🙂

A couple of weeks past they had changed most bus routes down here in the south because of big works along Huizhou Avenue, for the construction of some big elevated highway crossing the main road. I discovered that when I decided to go to Metro as well.. and suddenly realize the bus was going on a different road. So I got down, walked helplessly around for some time then got on the same bus in the opposite direction to go home..

So this time I checked, some time before the new necessary bus routes.. only to discover yesterday night, on the bus, that it was going again along different roads..

This was when I got down and started the swearing contest.. walking around reading road signs, even with no pinyin in that area, but I knew the main road names, in Chinese as well (yes, I did learn some little Chinese, even if I still do not speak the language!!). Decision: go back home or try to find the damn shop? (yes, there is only one place so far where I can find mascarpone and lady fingers!!).

I decided to have a look around, and that’s when I noticed that most of roads where actually blocked by new working sites. I could not go north (I knew I was south of the shop) so I decide to go east along the working site walls.. Got to the next intersection (where I was thinking to use for going north) and that one was blocked as well!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

So, I walked a little more along this new working site to check if there was any passage for walking north, and then, on the dark east side of the laminate wall protection I saw, like a mirage in the desert:


I wanted to cry!!! 🙂

If you wonder, I have never been a boy scout! I always thought the whole thing of scout organization was a little funny and depressing at the same time! And besides in the age where people start doing that I had all my weekends filled by basketball.. so happy!!!

I am just pretty good with streets and directions.. and I got a good memory! Maybe not good enough for learning Chinese, but ok for road signs!

After shopping I discovered anyway that the whole block around Metro is a war zone! To get a taxi, I walked to the north side of the shop that usually is a road with good traffic, only to see that the road was also closed for works. So I had to retrace my steps (in the cold dark night with two full bags), getting into a small lateral road and then I got lucky, finding a taxi before reaching the other large street on the back side of Metro, the only one not closed for road works!

All this road works around my Metro might be related to an altogether different kind of metro

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Because of the orientating adventure succeeded, I rewarded myself with a pizza, a good frozen one from a “certified” producer, that was carrying the funny label “100% imported”!!! And yes, it was, imported and delicious (tuna fish pizza!!)




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