Winter has arrived!

23 12 2011

Today it is the first official day of winter: the winter
in 2011 is in fact on December 22nd. And the solstice was also the original reason of celebration of Christmas, forgotten by the most now, either celebrating the born of Jesus, for the Catholics, or just the excuse for shopping, for all the others!! 😉

I discovered there is also a Chinese celebration of the solstice (yeah, I know, not a surprise!! They got celebrations for  everything!!): it is called 冬至, Dōngzhì, but none of my friends really mentioned anything about it!!

No more “winter is coming”.. winter just arrived.. and as a good sign I have finished today book number of “The Song of Ice and Fire” series, and during my Christmas weekend trip to Chengdu I will certainly start book 3 (this is a refreshing reading, since I had already got through the first three books, but I want to prepare myself well for book 4, after watching the first one in TV series form!)..

But I wonder if the weather knew today was winter.. same for the last days, when I repeated to more than one person that I felt the temperature much higher than last week. More the mild cold I can stand without problem.. even if at home, inside my apartment, the feeling of cold is much stronger.. I must stay more outside then!!

1st day of winter




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