Oh.. I miss Western life!!!

28 12 2011

And with this I mean right now, more than Aikido practice, I miss the.. holidays now!!!

I know, I know, my dear Aiki-freak-brother Svein hates the holidays because he is confined in the parents house, killing his poor brothers with endless <i> shomenuchi ikkyo</i> sessions!!

Sending emails to different companies we work with in US and Europe and getting a load of “Out of the Office Auto Reply”.. and messages that they will be back at work usually January 3rd…

And here, at work, until Saturday included, I know I have to survive in order to enjoy the “3 free days” Chinese workers get for the end of the year! 3 holidays: 1st of January, 2nd and 3rd.. at the price of a working Saturday and a state holiday (1st of January).. funny that my new Spanish colleague was in fact wondering why calling this 3 holidays, while in reality it is basically 1 day free!!

But the great time in Chengdu made also this Christmas in China special (I’ll post soon more pictures about the very funny Scavenger Photo Hunt 潘蕾 and I took part the 24th December in Chengdu!):

Xmas F*ck Yeah!!!

and I am pretty sure also this new year will be good.. plans or not for the 3 days off..




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